Spatiotemporal-MIMO Channel Estimator and Beamformer for 5G

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Title: Spatiotemporal-MIMO Channel Estimator and Beamformer for 5G
Authors: Sridhar, V
Gabillard, T
Manikas, A
Item Type: Journal Article
Abstract: With requirements of spiralling data rates and limited spectrum availability, there is an increased interest in mmwave beamformer-based communications for 5G. For upcoming cellular networks, the critical point is to exploit the increased number of employable antennas at both Tx and Rx to (i) combat increased path loss, (ii) tackle higher interference due to higher user density and (iii) handle multipath effects in frequency selective channels. Towards this, a multi-beam spatiotemporal superresolution beamforming framework is proposed in this paper as a promising candidate to design beampatterns that mitigate/suppress co-channel interference and deliver massive gain in the desired directions. Initially, channel and signal models suitable for the mm-wave MIMO system are presented using the manifold vectors of both Tx and Rx antenna arrays. Based on these models, a novel subspace-based channel estimator is employed which estimates delays, directions, velocities and fading coefficients of the desired signal paths. This information is then exploited by the proposed spatiotemporal beamformer to provide massive array gain that combats path loss without increasing the number of antenna array elements and to be tolerant to the nearfar problem in a high interference environment. The performance of the proposed channel estimator and beamformer is examined using computer simulation studies.
Issue Date: 19-Sep-2016
Date of Acceptance: 1-Sep-2016
ISSN: 1536-1276
Publisher: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Start Page: 8025
End Page: 8038
Journal / Book Title: IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications
Volume: 15
Issue: 12
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Keywords: Science & Technology
Engineering, Electrical & Electronic
frequency selective channel
spatiotemporal beamformer
channel estimation
0906 Electrical And Electronic Engineering
1005 Communications Technologies
0805 Distributed Computing
Networking & Telecommunications
Publication Status: Published
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