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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Nov-2015Altitude dependence of nightside Martian suprathermal electron depletions as revealed by MAVEN observationsSteckiewicz, M; Mazelle, C; Garnier, P; André, N; Penou, E, et al
16-Feb-2017An agricultural biomass burning episode in eastern China: transport, optical properties, and impacts on regional air qualityWu, Y; Han, Y; Voulgarakis, A; Wang, T; Li, M, et al
12-May-2016An analysis of interplanetary solar radio emissions associated with a coronal mass ejectionKrupar, V; Eastwood, JP; Kruparova, O; Santolik, O; Soucek, J, et al
18-Aug-2015An analytic model of tropical cyclone wind profilesWang, S; Toumi, R; Czaja, A; Van Kan, A
5-Dec-2009An assessment of Saharan dust loading and the corresponding cloud-free longwave direct radiative effect from geostationary satellite observationsBrindley, HE; Russell, JE
27-Oct-2015An assessment of the quality of aerosol retrievals over the Red Sea and evaluation of the climatological cloud-free dust direct radiative effect in the regionBrindley, H; Osipov, S; Bantges, R; Smirnov, A; Banks, J, et al
3-May-2018An automated cirrus classificationGryspeerdt, ERI; Quaas, J; Goren, T; Klocke, D; Brueck, M
14-Jul-2017An in situ Comparison of Electron Acceleration at Collisionless Shocks under Differing Upstream Magnetic Field OrientationsMasters, A; Sulaiman, A; Stawarz, L; Reville, B; Sergis, N, et al
7-Oct-2010An influence of solar spectral variations on radiative forcing of climateHaigh, JD; Winning, AR; Toumi, R; Harder, JW
13-Jun-2017An isolated, bright cusp aurora at SaturnKinrade, J; Badman, SV; Bunce, EJ; Tao, C; Provan, G, et al
18-Jan-2016An MHD avalanche in a multi-threaded coronal loopHood, AW; Cargill, PJ; Browning, PK; Tam, KV
24-Oct-2008Anisotropic Scaling of Magnetohydrodynamic TurbulenceHorbury, TS; Forman, M; Oughton, S
10-Oct-2017Anisotropies of the Magnetic Field Fluctuations at Kinetic Scales in the Solar Wind: Cluster ObservationsLacombe, C; Alexandrova, O; Matteini, L
1-Aug-2011Anisotropy of Alfvenic turbulence in the solar wind and numerical simulationsChen, CHK; Mallet, A; Yousef, TA; Schekochihin, AA; Horbury, TS
24-Jan-2011Anisotropy of Imbalanced Alfvenic Turbulence in Fast Solar WindWicks, RT; Horbury, TS; Chen, CHK; Schekochihin, AA
25-Jun-2010Anisotropy of Solar Wind Turbulence between Ion and Electron ScalesChen, CHK; Horbury, TS; Schekochihin, AA; Wicks, RT; Alexandrova, O, et al
31-May-2018Assessing fossil fuel CO₂ emissions in California using atmospheric observations and modelsGraven, H; Fischer, ML; Lueker, T; Jeong, S; Guilderson, TP, et al
27-Jan-2017Assessment of simulated aerosol effective radiative forcings in the terrestrial spectrumHeyn, I; Block, K; Mülmenstädt, J; Gryspeerdt, ERI; Kühne, P, et al
3-Sep-2015Asymmetries observed in Saturn's magnetopause geometryPilkington, NM; Achilleos, N; Arridge, CS; Guio, P; Masters, A, et al
11-Sep-2017Atmospheric evidence for a global secular increase in carbon isotopic discrimination of land photosynthesisKeeling, RF; Graven, HD; Welp, LR; Resplandy, L; Bi, J, et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 21 to 40 of 428
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