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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Jun-2016MMS observations of electron-scale filamentary currents in the reconnection exhaust and near the X linePhan, TD; Eastwood, JP; Cassak, PA; Øieroset, M; Gosling, JT, et al
13-May-2016Magnetospheric Multiscale observations of large-amplitude, parallel, electrostatic waves associated with magnetic reconnection at the magnetopauseErgun, RE; Holmes, JC; Goodrich, KA; Wilder, FD; Stawarz, JE, et al
23-May-2016Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission observations and non-force free modeling of a flux transfer event immersed in a super-Alfvénic flowFarrugia, CJ; Lavraud, B; Torbert, RB; Argall, M; Kacem, I, et al
1-Jul-2016Magnetospheric Multiscale Observations of the Electron Diffusion Region of Large Guide Field Magnetic ReconnectionEriksson, S; Wilder, FD; Ergun, RE; Schwartz, SJ; Cassak, PA, et al
11-Aug-2016Ion Larmor radius effects near a reconnection X line at the magnetopause: THEMIS observations and simulation comparisonPhan, TD; Shay, MA; Haggerty, CC; Gosling, JT; Eastwood, JP, et al
1-Aug-2011Super-Alfvelnic Propagation of Substorm Reconnection Signatures and Poynting FluxShay, MA; Drake, JF; Eastwood, JP; Phan, TD
28-Sep-2015Ion temperature anisotropy across a magnetotail reconnection jetHietala, H; Drake, JF; Phan, TD; Eastwood, J; McFadden, JP
14-Aug-2010Average properties of the magnetic reconnection ion diffusion region in the Earth's magnetotail: The 2001-2005 Cluster observations and comparison with simulationsEastwood, JP; Phan, TD; Oieroset, M; Shay, MA
19-Jan-2008Evidence for collisionless magnetic reconnection at MarsEastwood, JP; Brain, DA; Halekas, JS; Drake, JF; Phan, TD, et al
23-Jan-2009Observations of Turbulence Generated by Magnetic ReconnectionEastwood, JP; Phan, TD; Bale, SD; Tjulin, A