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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Nov-2017Mechanisms of Saturn's Near-Noon Transient Aurora: In Situ Evidence From Cassini MeasurementsYao, ZH; Radioti, A; Rae, IJ; Liu, J; Grodent, D, et al
6-Nov-2017A Single Deformed Bow Shock for Titan-Saturn SystemOmidi, N; Sulaiman, AH; Kurth, W; Madanian, H; Cravens, T, et al
6-Aug-2016Field-aligned currents in Saturn's magnetosphere: local time dependence of southern summer currents in the dawn sector between midnight and noonHunt, GJ; Cowley, SWH; Provan, G; Bunce, EJ; Alexeev, II, et al
20-Sep-2016Planetary period oscillations in Saturn's magnetosphere: coalescence and reversal of northern and southern periods in late northern springProvan, G; Cowley, SWH; Lamy, L; Bunce, EJ; Hunt, GJ, et al
13-Jan-2017Whistler mode waves upstream of SaturnSulaiman, AH; Gurnett, DA; Halekas, JS; Yates, JN; Kurth, WS, et al
15-Feb-2017The role of plasma slowdown in the generation of Rhea's Alfven wingsKhurana, KK; Fatemi, S; Lindkvist, J; Roussos, E; Krupp, N, et al
15-Feb-2017Radial and local time structure of the Saturnian ring current, revealed by CassiniSergis, N; Jackman, CM; Thomsen, MF; Krimigis, SM; Mitchell, DG, et al
3-Dec-2015Access of energetic particles to Titan's exobase: A study of Cassini's T9 flybyRegoli, LH; Roussos, E; Feyerabend, M; Jones, GH; Krupp, N, et al
7-Sep-2017Corotating Magnetic Reconnection Site in Saturn's MagnetosphereYao, ZH; Coates, AJ; Ray, LC; Rae, IJ; Grodent, D, et al
13-Jun-2017An isolated, bright cusp aurora at SaturnKinrade, J; Badman, SV; Bunce, EJ; Tao, C; Provan, G, et al