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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Jun-2016Magnetospheric Multiscale observations of magnetic reconnection associated with Kelvin-Helmholtz wavesEriksson, S; Lavraud, B; Wilder, FD; Stawarz, JE; Giles, BL, et al
18-May-2016Ion-scale secondary flux-ropes generated by magnetopause reconnection as resolved by MMSEastwood, J; Phan, T; Cassak, PA; Gershman, DJ; Haggerty, C, et al
12-May-2016Electron-scale measurements of magnetic reconnection in spaceBurch, J; Torbert, RB; Phan, TD; Chen, LJ; Moore, TE, et al
9-Apr-2017Drift waves, intense parallel electric fields, and turbulence associated with asymmetric magnetic reconnection at the magnetopauseErgun, RE; Chen, L-J; Wilder, FD; Ahmadi, N; Eriksson, S, et al
6-Oct-2017MMS observations and hybrid simulations of surface ripples at a marginally quasi-parallel shockGingell, IL; Schwartz, SJ; Burgess, D; Johlander, A; Russell, CT, et al
5-Feb-2018MMS examination of FTEs at the earth's subsolar magnetopauseAkhavan-Tafti, M; Slavin, JA; Le, G; Eastwood, JP; Strangeway, RJ, et al
15-Aug-2017Magnetospheric Multiscale analysis of intense field-aligned Poynting flux near the Earth's plasma sheet boundaryStawarz, JE; Eastwood, JP; Varsani, A; Ergun, RE; Shay, MA, et al
31-Mar-2017Wave-particle energy exchange directly observed in a kinetic Alfven-branch waveGershman, DJ; F-Vinas, A; Dorelli, JC; Boardsen, SA; Avanov, LA, et al
10-May-2018Electron magnetic reconnection without ion coupling in earth’s turbulent magnetosheathPhan, TD; Eastwood, J; Shay, MA; Drake, JF; Sonnerup, BUO, et al
9-Oct-2017MMS Observations of Reconnection at Dayside Magnetopause Crossings During Transitions of the Solar Wind to Sub-Alfvénic FlowFarrugia, CJ; Lugaz, N; Alm, L; Vasquez, B; Argall, MR, et al