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24-Oct-2016A data augmentation methodology for training machine/deep learning gait recognition algorithmsCharalambous, CC; Bharath, AA
16-Apr-2018A Data Model for Biopart DatasheetsSainz de Murieta, I; Bultelle, M; Kitney, R
13-Jul-2017A dedicated neonatal brain imaging systemHughes, EJ; Winchman, T; Padormo, F; Teixeira, R; Wurie, J, et al
15-May-2015A defined synthetic substrate for serum-free culture of human stem cell derived cardiomyocytes with improved functional maturity identified using combinatorial materials microarraysPatel, AK; Celiz, AD; Rajamohan, D; Anderson, DG; Langer, R, et al
18-Apr-2017A deformable model for the reconstruction of the neonatal cortexSchuh, A; Makropoulos, A; Wright, R; Robinson, EC; Tusor, N, et al
1-May-2007A dynamical model of lipoprotein metabolismAugust, E; Parker, KH; Barahona, M
14-Sep-2016A finite element model of the foot and ankle for prediction of injury in under-body blastGrigoriadis, G; Carpanen, D; Bull, AMJ; Masouros, SD
17-Jul-2013A finite rate of innovation algorithm for fast and accurate spike detection from two-photon calcium imagingOnativia, J; Schultz, SR; Dragotti, PL
20-Feb-2015A Forward-Design Approach to Increase the Production of Poly-3-Hydroxybutyrate in Genetically Engineered Escherichia coliKelwick, R; Kopniczky, M; Bower, I; Chi, W; Chin, MHW, et al
30-Nov-2016A framework for optimization of diffusion-weighted MRI protocols for large field-of-view abdominal-pelvic imaging in multicenter studies.Winfield, JM; Collins, DJ; Priest, AN; Quest, RA; Glover, A, et al
22-May-2018A high performance application specific integrated circuit for electrical and neurochemical traumatic brain injury monitoringPagkalos, I; Rogers, M; Boutelle, MG; Drakakis, EM
30-May-2018A lightweight sensing platform for monitoring sleep quality and posture: a simulated validation studyKwasnicki, RM; Cross, GW; Geoghegan, L; Zhang, Z; Reilly, P, et al
17-Aug-2017A low cost 3D laser surface scanning approach for defining body segment parametersBull, AMJ; Pandis, P
25-Aug-2016A method to implement the reservoir-wave hypothesis using phase-contrast magnetic resonance imagingGray, RDM; Parker, KH; Quail, MA; Taylor, AM; Biglino, G
16-Apr-2009A method to quantify alteration of knee kinematics caused by changes of TKR positioningKessler, O; Bull, AMJ; Amis, AA
5-Nov-2015A Minimal Realization Technique for the Dynamical Structure Function of a Class of LTI SystemsYuan, Y; Rai, A; Yeung, E; Stan, G-B; Warnick, S, et al
1-Jan-2011A model of giant vacuole dynamics in human Schlemm's canal endothelial cellsPedrigi, RM; Simon, D; Reed, A; Stamer, WD; Overby, DR
24-Jul-2017A multi-class tactile brain-computer interface based on stimulus-induced oscillatory dynamicsYao, L; Chen, ML; Mrachacz-Kersting, N; Zhu, X; Farina, D, et al
28-Jul-2014A new method to measure higher visual functions in an immersive environmentZito, GA; Müri, R; Mosimann, UP; Nyffeler, T; Nef, T
14-Aug-2017A Novel Computational Model Predicts Key Regulators of Chemokine Gradient Formation in Lymph Nodes and Site-Specific Roles for CCL19 and ACKR4.Jafarnejad, M; Zawieja, DC; Brook, BS; Nibbs, RJB; Moore, JE
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 21 to 40 of 949
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