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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2017Ultrasound imaging velocimetry with interleaved images for improved pulsatile arterial flow measurements: a new correction method, experimental and in vivo validationFraser, KH; Poelma, C; Zhou, B; Bazigou, E; Tang, M-X, et al
11-Nov-2016Understanding the fluid mechanics behind transverse wall shear stressMohamied, Y; Sherwin, SJ; Weinberg, PD;
28-Jul-2017Visualization of three pathways for macromolecule transport across cultured endothelium and their modification by flow.Ghim, M; Alpresa, P; Yang, S; Braakman, ST; Gray, SG, et al
7-May-2016Role of endothelial permeability hotspots and endothelial mitosis in determining age-related patterns of macromolecule uptake by the rabbit aortic wall near branch pointsChooi, KY; Comerford, A; Cremers, SJ; Weinberg, PD; , et al
31-May-2016TWIST1 Integrates Endothelial Responses to Flow in Vascular Dysfunction and AtherosclerosisMahmoud, MM; Kim, HR; Xing, R; Hsiao, S; Mammoto, A, et al
14-Aug-2018A novel method for segmenting growth of cells in sheared endothelial culture reveals the secretion of an anti-inflammatory mediatorGhim, M; Pang, K; Arshad, M; Wang, X; Weinberg, PD, et al
15-Jun-2016Intimal and medial contributions to the hydraulic resistance of the arterial wall at different pressures: a combined computational and experimental studyChooi, KY; Comerford, A; Sherwin, SJ; Weinberg, PD; , et al
16-Feb-2012Shape and Compliance of Endothelial Cells after Shear Stress In Vitro or from Different Aortic Regions: Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy StudyPotter, CMF; Schobesberger, S; Lundberg, MH; Weinberg, PD; Mitchell, JA, et al