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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Apr-2018Xenon protects against blast-induced traumatic brain injury in an in vitro modelCampos Pires, R; Koziakova, M; Yonis, A; Pau, A; Macdonald, W, et al
7-Dec-2016Comodulation enhances signal detection via priming of auditory cortical circuitsSollini, J; Chadderton, P; Medical Research Council (MRC)
19-Jan-2016The cerebellum linearly encodes whisker position during voluntary movementChen, S; Augustine, GJ; Chadderton, PT; Medical Research Council (MRC)
15-Oct-2016Evaluation of a minimally invasive glucose biosensor for continuous tissue monitoringSharma, S; Huang, Z; Rogers, M; Boutelle, M; Cass, AEG, et al
6-Jun-2017Reconstitution of a minimal machinery capable of assembling type IV piliGoosens, VJ; Busch, A; Georgiadou, M; Castagnini, M; Forest, KT, et al
1-Dec-2018Demethylation of ITGAV accelerates osteogenic differentiation in a blast-induced heterotopic ossification in vitro cell culture modelLogan, N; Camman, M; Williams, G; Higgins, C; Medical Research Council (MRC)
5-Mar-2019Global biochemical and structural analysis of the type IV pilus from the Gram-positive bacterium Streptococcus sanguinisBerry, J; Gurung, I; Anonsen, JH; Spielman, I; Harper, E, et al
7-May-2019Effect of formulation method, lipid composition and PEGylation on vesicle lamellarity: a small-angle neutron scattering studyNele, V; Holme, M; Kauscher, U; Thomas, MR; Doutch, JJ, et al
13-Jun-2017Methods for the isolation and 3D culture of dermal papilla cells from human hair folliclesTopouzi, H; Logan, N; Williams, G; Higgins, C; Medical Research Council (MRC)
7-Dec-2017Platinum Nanocatalyst Amplification: Redefining the Gold Standard for Lateral Flow Immunoassays with Ultra-broad Dynamic RangeLoynachan, C; Thomas, MR; Gray, ER; Richards, DA; Kim, J, et al