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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Jun-2016The Geobacillus plasmid set: a modular toolkit for thermophile engineeringReeve, B; Martinez Klimova, E; De Jonghe, J; Leak, DJ; Ellis, T, et al
19-Sep-2016A composite hydrogel for brain tissue phantomsForte, AE; Galvan, S; Manieri, F; Rodriguez y Baena, F; Dini, D, et al
9-Jan-2019All-optical crosstalk-free manipulation and readout of Chronos-expressing NeuronsSoor, N; Quicke, P; Howe, C; Pang, KT; Neil, M, et al
16-Apr-2018A Data Model for Biopart DatasheetsSainz de Murieta, I; Bultelle, M; Kitney, R;
12-Aug-2015Flow velocity mapping using high frame-rate plane wave ultrasound and microbubble contrast agents – methods and initial in vitro and in vivo evaluationLeow, C; Tang, M;
8-Jul-2013Controlling the neuronal balancing act: optical coactivation of excitation and inhibition in neuronal subdomainsNikolic, K; Jarvis, S; Schultz, S; Grossman, N; , et al
6-Sep-2017Models and tissue mimics for brain shift simulationsForte, AE; Galvan, S; Dini, D; , et al
27-Jul-2017Debugging experiment machinery through time-course event sequence analysisReynolds, CR; Exley, K; Bultelle, MA; Sainz de Murieta, I; Kitney, RI, et al
10-Oct-2017The human auditory brainstem response to running speech reveals a subcortical mechanism for selective attentionForte, AE; Etard, O; Reichenbach, J;
14-Dec-2015Soft tissue phantoms for realistic needle insertion: a comparative studyLeibinger, A; Forte, AE; Tan, Z; Oldfield, MJ; Beyrau, F, et al