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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Apr-2015The microenvironment of double emulsions in rectangular microchannelsMa, S; Sherwood, JM; Huck, WTS; Balabani, S
22-Jul-2014On the flow topology inside droplets moving in rectangular microchannelsMa, S; Sherwood, JM; Huck, WTS; Balabani, S
21-Feb-2017Localized and controlled delivery of nitric oxide to the conventional outflow pathway via enzyme biocatalysis: towards therapy for GlaucomaChandrawati, R; Chang, J; Reina-Torres, E; Jumeaux, C; Sherwood, JM, et al
25-Sep-2015Quantifying local characteristics of velocity, aggregation and hematocrit of human erythrocytes in a microchannel flowKaliviotis, E; Dusting, J; Sherwood, JM; Balabani, S
11-May-2012The effect of red blood cell aggregation on velocity and cell-depleted layer characteristics of blood in a bifurcating microchannelSherwood, JM; Dusting, J; Kaliviotis, E; Balabani, S
30-Jan-2019A model of the oscillatory mechanical forces in the conventional outflow pathwaySherwood, JM; Stamer, WD; Overby, DR; National Institutes of Health; National Institutes of Health, et al
17-Mar-2017Partitioning of red blood cell aggregates in bifurcating microscale flowsKaliviotis, E; Sherwood, JM; Balabani, S
5-Apr-2017Quantification of the efficacy of collagen cross-linking agents to induce stiffening of rat scleraCampbell, IC; Hannon, BG; Read, AT; Sherwood, JM; Schwaner, SA, et al
20-Jun-2014Spatial Distributions of Red Blood Cells Significantly Alter Local HaemodynamicsSherwood, JM; Holmes, D; Kaliviotis, E; Balabani, S
13-Apr-2016Visualization of conventional outflow tissue responses to netarsudil in living mouse eyesLi, G; Mukherjee, D; Navarro, I; Ashpole, NE; Sherwood, JM, et al