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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Jun-2016The Geobacillus plasmid set: a modular toolkit for thermophile engineeringReeve, B; Martinez Klimova, E; De Jonghe, J; Leak, DJ; Ellis, T, et al
19-Mar-2012Rational Diversification of a Promoter Providing Fine-Tuned Expression and Orthogonal Regulation for Synthetic BiologyBlount, BA; Weenink, T; Vasylechko, S; Ellis, T
22-Mar-2018Construction of hybrid regulated mother-specific yeast promoters for inducible differential gene expressionPothoulakis, G; Ellis, T;
20-Aug-2017Burden-driven feedback control of gene expressionCeroni, F; Furini, S; Gorochowski, T; Boo, A; Borkowski, O, et al
1-Jan-2019The Synthetic Genome Summer CourseBlount, B; Ellis, T;
4-May-2017Biosynthesis of the antibiotic nonribosomal peptide penicillin in baker's yeastAwan, AR; Blount, BA; Bell, DJ; Shaw, WM; Ho, JCH, et al
8-Mar-2015BASIC: a new Biopart Assembly Standard for Idempotent Cloning provides accurate, single-tier DNA assembly for synthetic biologyStorch, M; Casini, A; Mackrow, B; Fleming, T; Trewhitt, H, et al
17-Jun-2015Bricks and blueprints: methods and standards for DNA assemblyCasini, A; Storch, M; Baldwin, GS; Ellis, T; , et al
1-Jan-2019Design of RNA hairpin modules that predictably tune translation in yeastWeenink, T; Van der Hilst, J; McKiernan, R; Ellis, T; , et al
6-Apr-2015Quantifying cellular capacity identifies gene expression designs with reduced burdenCeroni, F; Algar, R; Stan, G-B; Ellis, T