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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Apr-2009A method to quantify alteration of knee kinematics caused by changes of TKR positioningKessler, O; Bull, AMJ; Amis, AA
10-Dec-2015Communicating and using biomechanical measures through visual cues to optimise safe and effective rowingMcGregor, AH; Buckeridge, E; Murphy, AJ; Bull, AMJ
1-Jun-2015What Is the magnitude and long-term economic cost of care of the British military Afghanistan amputee cohort?Edwards, DS; Phillip, RD; Bosanquet, N; Bull, AMJ; Clasper, JC, et al
1-Jul-2003Modelling multivariate biomechanical measurements of the spine during a rowing exerciseO'Sullivan, F; O'Sullivan, J; Bull, AMJ; McGregor, AH
11-Apr-2016Assessment of Performance Parameters of a Series of Five ‘Historical’ Cricket Bat DesignsBull, AMJ; Eftaxiopoulou, T; Persad, L
1-Oct-2008Changes in knee kinematics reflect the articular geometry after arthroplastyBull, AMJ; Kessler, O; Alam, M; Amis, AA
20-Jun-2015Incremental training intensities increases loads on the lower back of elite female rowersBuckeridge, EM; Bull, AMJ; McGregor, AH
13-Jan-2018Effects of an 8-week strength training intervention on tibiofemoral joint loading during landing: a cohort study.Czasche, MB; Goodwin, JE; Bull, AMJ; Cleather, DJ
21-Sep-2018Application of a mechanobiological algorithm to investigate mechanical mediation of heterotopic bone in trans-femoral amputeesRosenberg, N; Bull, AMJ; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC)
24-Oct-2014The role of the biarticular hamstrings and gastrocnemius muscles in closed chain lower limb extensionCleather, DJ; Southgate, DFL; Bull, AMJ