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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Jun-2018Relationship and probabilistic stratification of EASI and oSCORAD severity scores for atopic dermatitisHurault, G; Schram, M; Roekevisch, E; Spuls, P; Tanaka, RJ, et al
13-Jul-2019AlphaStar: an evolutionary computation perspectiveArulkumaran, K; Cully, A; Togelius, J
12-Mar-2019The exit time finite state projection scheme: bounding exit distributions and occupation measures of continuous-time Markov chainsKuntz, J; Thomas, P; Stan, G-B; Barahona, M; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC), et al
10-Jun-2011In vivo fluorescence lifetime tomography of a FRET probe expressed in mouseMcGinty, J; Stuckey, DW; Soloviev, VY; Laine, R; Wylezinska-Arridge, M, et al
29-May-2019Hypothesis of Iatrogenic Severe Hypothermia of Internal Organs in Extremely-Low Birthweight Infants during Bubble CPAP Intervention at Room-temperatures in NigeriaAmadi, H; Abubakar, AG; Abubakar, AL; Usuf, H; Usman, M
20-May-2019Displacement of a bubble located at a fluid-viscoelastic medium interfaceKoruk, H; Choi, JJ
1-Aug-2018The challenges facing synthetic biology in eukaryotesCeroni, F; Ellis, T
22-Oct-2018Effect of phacoemulsification on facility of outflowAlaghband, P; Beltran-Agulló, L; Galvis, EA; Overby, DR; Lim, KS, et al
1-Jul-2018Pharmacological regulation of outflow resistance distal to Schlemm’s canalMcDonnell, F; Dismuke, WM; Overby, DR; Stamer, WD; National Institutes of Health
22-Feb-2019Whole-cell biosensor with tuneable limit of detection enables low-cost agglutination assays for medical diagnostic applicationsKylilis, N; Riangrungroj, P; Lai, H-E; Salema, V; Fernández, LÁ, et al