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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Feb-2019Whole-cell biosensor with tuneable limit of detection enables low-cost agglutination assays for medical diagnostic applicationsKylilis, N; Riangrungroj, P; Lai, H-E; Salema, V; Fernández, LÁ, et al
23-Jul-2019A.Eye Drive: gaze-based semi-autonomous wheelchair interfaceSubramanian, M; Songur, N; Adjei, D; Orlov, P; Faisal, A
1-Oct-2018A simple mathematical model of rhegmatogenous retinal detachmentNatali, D; Repetto, R; Tweedy, JH; Williamson, TH; Pralits, JO
-Scaling behaviour of non-equilibrium planar N-atic spin systems under weak uctuationsSartori, P; Lee, CF
20-Mar-2018Chemokine transport dynamics and emerging recognition of their role in immune functionMoore Jr, JE; Brook, B; Nibbs, RJB; The Royal Society; Royal Academy Of Engineering, et al
31-Jul-2019Material properties of human lumbar intervertebral discs across strain ratesNewell, N; Carpanen, D; Grigoriadis, G; Little, JP; Masouros, S, et al
1-Dec-20183D velocity and volume flow measurement in vivo using speckle decorrelation and 2D high frame rate contrast-enhanced ultrasoundZhou, X; Leow, CH; Rowland, E; Riemer, K; Rubin, J, et al
1-Sep-2018High velocity impact and blast loading of composite sandwich panels with novel carbon and glass constructionRolfe, E; Kaboglu, C; Quinn, R; Hooper, PA; Arora, H, et al
-Blast injuries in children: a mixed-methods narrative review.Mayhew, E; Milwood Hargrave, J; Bull, A; Taylor, S; Pearce, P
7-Aug-2019Clinical translation of microfluidic sensor devices: Focus on calibration and analytical robustnessGowers, S; Rogers, M; Booth, M; Leong, C; Samper, I, et al