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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Oct-2018The Supernumerary Robotic 3rd Thumb for Skilled Music TasksCunningham, J; Hapsari, A; Guilleminot, P; Shafti, A; Faisal, AA
9-Oct-2018FastOrient: Lightweight Computer Vision for Wrist Control in Assistive Robotic GraspingMaymo, MR; Shafti, A; Faisal, AA
8-Nov-2016Deep unsupervised clustering with Gaussian mixture variational autoencodersDilokthanakul, N; Mediano, PAM; Garnelo, M; Lee, MCH; Salimbeni, H, et al
-Towards deep symbolic reinforcement learningGarnelo, M; Arulkumaran, K; Shanahan, M
30-Sep-2013Modelling the burden caused by gene expression: an in silico investigation into the interactions between synthetic gene circuits and their chassis cellAlgar, R; Ellis, T; Stan, G-B
4-Aug-2017Cell-free prediction of protein expression costs for growing cellsBorkowski, O; Bricio Garberi, C; Murgiano, M; Stan, G-B; Ellis, T
24-Sep-2018Characterization of biologically relevant network structures form time-series dataTuza, ZA; Stan, G-B; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC); Commission of the European Communities
11-Dec-2017Tools for engineering coordinated system behaviour in synthetic microbial consortiaKylilis, N; Stan, G-B; Polizzi, K
13-Dec-2018Inhibitory microcircuits for top-down processing of sensory representationsWilmes, KA; Clopath, C
31-Dec-2016Improving Sampling from Generative Autoencoders with Markov ChainsArulkumaran, K; Creswell, A; Bharath, AA