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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2017Differential motor unit changes after endurance or high-intensity interval training.Martinez-Valdes, E; Falla, D; Negro, F; Mayer, F; Farina, D
17-May-2017Peptide-functionalized fluorescent particles for in situ detection of nitric oxide via peroxynitrite-mediated nitrationChang, JYH; Chow, LW; Dismuke, WM; Ethier, CR; Stevens, MM, et al
29-Nov-2011A triplet spike-timing-dependent plasticity model generalizes the Bienenstock-Cooper-Munro rule to higher-order spatiotemporal correlations.Gjorgjieva, J; Clopath, C; Audet, J; Pfister, JP
16-Dec-2011Inhibitory plasticity balances excitation and inhibition in sensory pathways and memory networks.Vogels, TP; Sprekeler, H; Zenke, F; Clopath, C; Gerstner, W
31-Mar-2010Connectivity reflects coding: a model of voltage-based STDP with homeostasis.Clopath, C; B├╝sing, L; Vasilaki, E; Gerstner, W
8-May-2013Cumulative signal transmission in nonlinear reaction-diffusion networksOyarzun, DA; Lopez-Caamal, F; Garcia, MR; Middleton, RH; Weisse, AY
22-Dec-2014Elevated Uptake of Plasma Macromolecules by Regions of Arterial Wall Predisposed to Plaque Instability in a Mouse ModelMohri, Z; Rowland, EM; Clarke, LA; De Luca, A; Peiffer, V, et al
1-Jun-2011Increased artery wall stress post-stenting leads to greater intimal thickeningTimmins, LH; Miller, MW; Clubb, FJ; Moore, JE
15-Jul-2013Does low and oscillatory wall shear stress correlate spatially with early atherosclerosis? A systematic reviewPeiffer, V; Sherwin, SJ; Weinberg, PD
20-Aug-2016Biofouling and in situ electrochemical cleaning of a boron-doped diamond free chlorine sensorWilson, RE; Stoianov, I; O'Hare, D