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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2003Fatigue testing of a proximal femoral hip componentMacdonald, W; Carlsson, LV; Gathercole, N; Jacobsson, CM
22-Jul-2014On the flow topology inside droplets moving in rectangular microchannelsMa, S; Sherwood, JM; Huck, WTS; Balabani, S
17-May-2017Droplet ripening in concentration gradientsWeber, CA; Lee, CF; Juelicher, F
19-Jan-2011Structural basement membrane components and corresponding integrins in Schlemm's canal endotheliaVanderWyst, SS; Perkumas, KM; Read, AT; Overby, DR; Stamer, WD
11-Nov-2009The synaptic representation of sound source location in auditory cortex.Chadderton, P; Agapiou, JP; McAlpine, D; Margrie, TW
1-Jun-2000Friction in orthopaedic zirconia taper assembliesMacdonald, W; Aspenberg, A; Jacobsson, CM; Carlsson, LV
1-Sep-2005Toward the clinical application of time-domain fluorescence lifetime imagingMunro, I; McGinty, J; Galletly, N; Requejo-Isidro, J; Lanigan, PMP, et al
1-Feb-2008Synthesis of nonseparable 3-D spatiotemporal bandpass filters on analog networksIp, HMD; Drakakis, EM; Bharath, AA
1-Jan-2007Modelling the circle of Willis to assess the effects of anatomical variations and occlusions on cerebral flows.Alastruey, J; Parker, KH; Peiró, J; Byrd, SM; Sherwin, SJ
1-Jan-2007Pulse wave propagation in a model human arterial network: assessment of 1-D numerical simulations against in vitro measurements.Matthys, KS; Alastruey, J; Peiró, J; Khir, AW; Segers, P, et al