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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Modulation of speech-in-noise comprehension through transcranial current stimulation with the phase-shifted speech envelopeReichenbach, J; Kadir, S; Kaza, C; Weissbart, H; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (E, et al
13-May-2019Matrix stiffness modulates the activity of MMP-9 and TIMP-1 in hepatic stellate cells to perpetuate fibrosisLachowski, D; Cortes, E; Rice, A; Pinato, D; Rombouts, K, et al
15-Oct-2018Relationship and probabilistic stratification of EASI and oSCORAD severity scores for atopic dermatitisHurault, G; Schram, M; Roekevisch, E; Spuls, P; Tanaka, RJ, et al
6-Aug-2019Prediction of gait freezing in Parkinsonian patients: a binary classification augmented with time series prediction.Arami, A; Poulakakis-Daktylidis, A; Tai, YF; Burdet, E
1-May-2019Development of Ga-68-labelled ultrasound microbubbles for whole-body PET imagingHernandez-Gil, J; Braga, M; Harriss, B; Carroll, LS; Leow, CH, et al
Jan-2019Predicting meniscal tear stability across knee-joint flexion using finite-element analysisKedgley, AE; Saw, TH; Segal, NA; Hansen, UN; Bull, AMJ, et al
-Human biological variation in sesamoid bone prevalence: the curious case of the fabellaBull, A; Berthaume, M; National Institute for Health Research
1-Jul-2019Engineered cell-to-cell signalling within growing bacterial cellulose pelliclesWalker, K; Goosens, V; Das, A; Graham, A; Ellis, T, et al
15-Aug-2019A descriptive follow-up interview study assessing patient- centred outcomes: Salford Lung Study in Asthma (SLS Asthma)Doward, L; Svedsater, H; Whalley, D; Crawford, R; Leather, D, et al
1-Nov-2017Re: Mediastinal injury is the strongest predictor of mortality in mounted blast amongst UK deployed forces: Methodological issuesPearce, AP; Bull, AMJ; Clasper, JC; The Royal British Legion