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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Nov-2010The Manipulative Complexity of Lower Paleolithic Stone ToolmakingFaisal, A; Stout, D; Apel, J; Bradley, B
12-Jul-2017Calcium-activated SK channels control firing regularity by modulating sodium channel availability in midbrain dopamine neuronsIyer, R; Ungless, M; Faisal, AA; The Royal Society
16-Apr-2015The microenvironment of double emulsions in rectangular microchannelsMa, S; Sherwood, JM; Huck, WTS; Balabani, S
11-Apr-2011Effects of acoustic radiation force and shear waves for absorption and stiffness sensing in ultrasound modulated optical tomographyLi, R; Elson, DS; Dunsby, C; Eckersley, R; Tang, M-X
19-Jul-2008A scapular coordinate frame for clinical and kinematic analyses.Amadi, HO; Hansen, UN; Wallace, AL; Bull, AM
30-Nov-2009Sequential Activation of Metabolic Pathways: a Dynamic Optimization ApproachOyarzĂșn, DA; Ingalls, BP; Middleton, RH; Kalamatianos, D
1-Dec-2009Blast mines: physics, injury mechanisms and vehicle protection.Ramasamy, A; Hill, AM; Hepper, AE; Bull, AM; Clasper, JC
31-Jan-2010The impact of recycled neonatal incubators in Nigeria: a 6-year follow-up study.Amadi, HO; Azubuike, JC; Etawo, US; Offiong, UR; Ezeaka, C, et al
1-Mar-2011Morphological Evidence for a Change in the Pattern of Aortic Wall Shear Stress With AgeBond, AR; Iftikhar, S; Bharath, AA; Weinberg, PD
1-Aug-2010Parallel detection of amplitude-modulated, ultrasound-modulated optical signalsLi, R; Song, L; Elson, DS; Tang, M-X