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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Jul-2013Controlling the neuronal balancing act: optical coactivation of excitation and inhibition in neuronal subdomainsNikolic, K; Jarvis, S; Schultz, S; Grossman, N; The Royal Society, et al
20-Dec-2017Supervised Learning in Spiking Neural Networks with FORCE TrainingNicola, W; Clopath, C; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC); The Leverhulme Trust; The Royal Society, et al
13-Dec-2017Microstructural consequences of blast lung injury characterised with digital volume correlationArora, H; Nila, A; Vitharana, K; Sherwood, JM; Nguyen, T-TN, et al
24-Dec-2017Wrist tendon moment arms: Quantification by imaging and experimental techniquesGarland, A; Shah, D; Kedgley, A; Arthritis Research UK; The Royal Society
5-Jun-2017What we learn from the learning rateBrittain, RA; Jones, NS; Ouldridge, TE; The Royal Society
27-Dec-2017DNA bipedal motor walking dynamics: an experimental and theoretical study of the dependency on step sizeKhara, DC; Schreck, JS; Tomov, TE; Berger, Y; Ouldridge, TE, et al
21-Aug-2017The passive biomechanics of human pelvic collecting lymphatic vesselsAthanasiou, D; Edgar, LT; Jafarnejad, M; Nixon, K; Duarte, D, et al
21-Nov-2017The importance of thermodynamics for molecular systems, and the importance of molecular systems for thermodynamicsOuldridge, TE; The Royal Society
23-Aug-2017Designing the Optimal Bit: Balancing Energetic Cost, Speed and ReliabilityDeshpande, A; Gopalkrishnan, M; Ouldridge, TE; Jones, N; The Royal Society
5-Apr-2018Multi-scale coarse-graining for the study of assembly pathways in DNA-brick self assemblyFonseca, P; Romano, F; Schreck, JS; Ouldridge, TE; Doye, JPK, et al