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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Jul-2017Direct measurement of pressure-independent aqueous humour flow using iPerfusionMadekurozwa, M; Reina-Torres, E; Overby, DR; Sherwood, JM; Fight For Sight, et al
7-Mar-2016Measurement of Outflow Facility using iPerfusionSherwood, JM; Reina-Torres, E; Bertrand, J; Rowe, B; Overby, DR, et al
28-Sep-2016Advances in two-photon scanning and scanless microscopy technologies for functional neural circuit imagingSchultz, SR; Copeland, CS; Foust, AJ; Quicke, P; Schuck, R, et al
1-Mar-2017VEGF as a paracrine regulator of conventional outflow facilityOverby, DR; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC); National Institutes of Health; BrightFocus Foundation; Fight For Sight
16-Jan-2017Enhancement of outflow facility in the murine eye by targeting selected tight-junctions of Schlemm's canal endotheliaTam, LC; Reina-Torres, E; Sherwood, JM; Cassidy, PS; Crosbie, DE, et al
12-Jul-2018High speed functional imaging with source localized multifocal two-photon microscopyQuicke, P; Reynolds, S; Neil, M; Knopfel, T; Schultz, S, et al
1-Nov-2017Effect of Cromakalim Prodrug 1 (CKLP1) on Aqueous Humor Dynamics and Feasibility of Combination Therapy With Existing Ocular Hypotensive Agents.Roy Chowdhury, U; Rinkoski, TA; Bahler, CK; Millar, JC; Bertrand, JA, et al
27-Nov-2017Chemical Monitoring in Clinical Settings: Recent Developments toward Real-Time Chemical Monitoring of Patients.Booth, MA; Gowers, SAN; Leong, CL; Rogers, ML; Samper, IC, et al
31-Jul-2018Water content, not stiffness, dominates Brillouin spectroscopy measurements in hydrated materialsWu, P-J; Kabovka, I; Ruberti, J; Sherwood, J; Dunlop, IE, et al
1-Oct-2018CosMIC: a consistent metric for spike inference from calcium imagingReynolds, SC; Abrahamsson, T; Sjostrom, PJ; Schultz, S; Dragotti, PL, et al