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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Nov-2017Chemical Monitoring in Clinical Settings: Recent Developments toward Real-Time Chemical Monitoring of Patients.Booth, MA; Gowers, SAN; Leong, CL; Rogers, ML; Samper, IC, et al
3-Dec-2018Cortical response to the natural speech envelope correlates with neuroimaging evidence of cognition in severe brain injuryBraiman, C; Fridman, A; Conte, MM; Vosse, HU; Reichenbach, CS, et al
14-Feb-2019Single-neuron level one-photon voltage imaging with sparsely targeted genetically encoded voltage indicatorsQuicke, P; Song, C; McKimm, EJ; Milosevic, MM; Howe, CL, et al
20-May-2019Neural speech tracking in the theta and in the delta frequency band differentially encode clarity and comprehension of speech in noiseReichenbach, J; Etard, O; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (E; Wellcome Trust; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC)
15-Oct-2019Decoding of selective attention to continuous speech from the human auditory brainstem responseEtard, O; Kegler, M; Braiman, C; Forte, AE; Reichenbach, T, et al
31-Jan-2019Speech auditory brainstem responses in adult hearing aid users: Effects of aiding and background noise, and prediction of behavioral measuresBinKhamis, G; Forte, AE; Reichenbach, J; O'Driscoll, M; Kluk, K, et al
-catch22: CAnonical Time-series CHaracteristicsLubba, CH; Sethi, SS; Knaute, P; Schultz, SR; Jones, NS, et al