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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Jan-2018Isthmus sites identified by Ripple Mapping are usually anatomically stable: A novel method to guide atrial substrate ablation?Luther, V; Qureshi, N; Lim, PB; Koa-Wing, M; Jamil-Copley, S, et al
7-May-2016Role of endothelial permeability hotspots and endothelial mitosis in determining age-related patterns of macromolecule uptake by the rabbit aortic wall near branch pointsChooi, KY; Comerford, A; Cremers, SJ; Weinberg, PD; British Heart Foundation, et al
25-Nov-2014Automated speckle tracking algorithm to aid on-axis imaging in echocardiographyDhutia, NM; Cole, GD; Zolgharni, M; Manisty, CH; Willson, K, et al
1-Dec-2018Doppler assessment of aortic stenosis: a 25-operator study demonstrating why reading the peak velocity is superior to velocity time integralSacchi, S; Dhutia, N; Shun-Shin, MJ; Zolgharni, M; Sutaria, N, et al
22-Dec-2016Arterial waveform parameters in a large, population-based sample of adults: relationships with ethnicity and lifestyle factorsSluyter, JD; Hughes, AD; Thom, SAMG; Lowe, A; Camargo, CA, et al
9-Oct-2018Rethinking multiscale cardiac electrophysiology with machine learning and predictive modellingCantwell, C; Mohamied, Y; Tzortzis, K; Garasto, S; Houston, C, et al
31-May-2016TWIST1 Integrates Endothelial Responses to Flow in Vascular Dysfunction and AtherosclerosisMahmoud, MM; Kim, HR; Xing, R; Hsiao, S; Mammoto, A, et al
14-Aug-2018A novel method for segmenting growth of cells in sheared endothelial culture reveals the secretion of an anti-inflammatory mediatorGhim, M; Pang, K; Arshad, M; Wang, X; Weinberg, PD, et al
12-May-2017Spatial resolution requirements for accurate identification of drivers of atrial fibrillationRoney, CH; Cantwell, CD; Bayer, JD; Qureshi, NA; Lim, PB, et al
9-Jun-2015Enhancement of non-invasive trans-membrane drug delivery using ultrasound and microbubbles during physiologically relevant flowShamout, FE; Pouliopoulos, AN; Lee, P; Bonaccorsi, S; Towhidi, L, et al