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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Jun-2016An extension of the FRI framework for calcium transient detectionReynolds, S; Copeland, CS; Schultz, SR; Dragotti, PL
12-Aug-2015Flow velocity mapping using high frame-rate plane wave ultrasound and microbubble contrast agents – methods and initial in vitro and in vivo evaluationLeow, C; Tang, M
9-Dec-2015On the analysis of movement smoothnessBalasubramanian, S; Melendez-Calderon, A; Roby-Brami, A; Burdet, E
3-Mar-2015A study of the in-column detection performance for chromatography separationLeow, PL; Chee, PS; Patel, BA; O'Hare, D
29-Feb-2016Recurrently decomposable 2-D convolvers for FPGA-based digital image processingMa,, ZB; Yang,, Y; Liu,, YX; Bharath, AA
10-Dec-2015Communicating and using biomechanical measures through visual cues to optimise safe and effective rowingMcGregor, AH; Buckeridge, E; Murphy, AJ; Bull, AMJ
27-Oct-2016Disturbed cyclical stretch of endothelial cells promotes nuclear expression of the pro-atherogenic transcription factor NF-kappa BPedrigi, RM; Papadimitriou, KI; Kondiboyina, A; Sidhu, S; Chau, J, et al
18-Mar-2015Appearance-based indoor localization: a comparison of patch descriptor performanceRivera-Rubio, J; Alexiou, I; Bharath, AA
1-Nov-2015Phased array coil for implementing parallel MRI in intravascular imaging: A feasibility studyOmer, H; Dickinson, RJ; Awan, SA
19-Oct-2016Material properties of bovine intervertebral discs across strain ratesNewell, N; Grigoriadis, G; Christou, A; Carpanen, D; Masouros, S