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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Apr-2018Multi-scale coarse-graining for the study of assembly pathways in DNA-brick self assemblyFonseca, P; Romano, F; Schreck, JS; Ouldridge, TE; Doye, JPK, et al
21-Jun-2014A nucleotide-level coarse-grained model of RNASulc, P; Romano, F; Ouldridge, TE; Doye, JPK; Louis, AA
7-Jan-2015Plectoneme tip bubbles: Coupled denaturation and writhing in supercoiled DNAMatek, C; Ouldridge, TE; Doye, JPK; Louis, AA
1-Mar-2013Optimizing DNA Nanotechnology through Coarse-Grained Modeling: A Two-Footed DNA WalkerOuldridge, TE; Hoare, RL; Louis, AA; Doye, JPK; Bath, J, et al
21-Mar-2017Multiscale simulations of anisotropic particles combining molecular dynamics and Green's function reaction dynamicsVijaykumar, A; Ouldridge, TE; Ten Wolde, PR; Bolhuis, PG
1-Oct-2013DNA hybridization kinetics: zippering, internal displacement and sequence dependenceOuldridge, TE; Sulc, P; Romano, F; Doye, JPK; Louis, AA
27-Sep-2012DNA Cruciform Arms Nucleate through a Correlated but Asynchronous Cooperative MechanismMatek, C; Ouldridge, TE; Levy, A; Doye, JPK; Louis, AA
7-Jun-2012The effect of topology on the structure and free energy landscape of DNA kissing complexesRomano, F; Hudson, A; Doye, JPK; Ouldridge, TE; Louis, AA
17-Mar-2010Extracting bulk properties of self-assembling systems from small simulationsOuldridge, TE; Louis, AA; Doye, JPK
7-Oct-2012Sequence-dependent thermodynamics of a coarse-grained DNA modelSulc, P; Romano, F; Ouldridge, TE; Rovigatti, L; Doye, JPK, et al