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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Apr-2017Thermodynamics of computational copying in biochemical systemsOuldridge, TE; Govern, CC; Wolde, PRT
21-Mar-2017Multiscale simulations of anisotropic particles combining molecular dynamics and Green's function reaction dynamicsVijaykumar, A; Ouldridge, TE; Ten Wolde, PR; Bolhuis, PG
12-Jan-2017A biochemical machine for the interconversion of mutual information and workMcGrath, T; Jones, NS; Wolde, PRT; Ouldridge, TE
11-Apr-2017Fundamental Costs in the Production and Destruction of Persistent Polymer CopiesOuldridge, TE; Ten Wolde, PR
5-Jun-2017What we learn from the learning rateBrittain, RA; Jones, NS; Ouldridge, TE
23-Aug-2017Designing the Optimal Bit: Balancing Energetic Cost, Speed and ReliabilityDeshpande, A; Gopalkrishnan, M; Ouldridge, TE; Jones, N
24-Aug-2017Chemical Boltzmann MachinesPoole, W; Ortiz-Muñoz, A; Behera, A; Jones, NS; Ouldridge, TE, et al
1-Oct-2013DNA hybridization kinetics: zippering, internal displacement and sequence dependenceOuldridge, TE; Sulc, P; Romano, F; Doye, JPK; Louis, AA
14-Oct-2012Inferring bulk self-assembly properties from simulations of small systems with multiple constituent species and small systems in the grand canonical ensembleOuldridge, TE
28-Feb-2011Structural, mechanical, and thermodynamic properties of a coarse-grained DNA modelOuldridge, TE; Louis, AA; Doye, JPK