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5-Oct-2016Democratizing Neurorehabilitation: How Accessible are Low-Cost Mobile-Gaming Technologies for Self-Rehabilitation of Arm Disability in Stroke?Rinne, P; Mace, M; Nakornchai, T; Zimmerman, K; Fayer, S, et al
7-Sep-2016ATRA mechanically reprograms pancreatic stellate cells to suppress matrix remodelling and inhibit cancer cell invasionChronopoulos, A; Robinson, B; Sarper, M; Cortes, E; Auernheimer, V, et al
8-May-2015Development of the Corticospinal and Callosal Tracts from Extremely Premature Birth up to 2 Years of AgeBraga, RM; Roze, E; Ball, G; Merchant, N; Tusor, N, et al
2-Mar-2016How Variability and Effort Determine Coordination at Large ForcesKolossiatis, M; Charalambous, T; Burdet, E
15-May-2017Computational design of treatment strategies for proactive therapy on atopic dermatitis using optimal control theoryChristodoulides, P; Hirata, Y; Dominguez-Huttinger, E; Danby, SG; Cork, MJ, et al
1-Jun-2015Novel Hybrid Adaptive Controller for Manipulation in Complex Perturbation EnvironmentsSmith, AMC; Yang, C; Ma, H; Culverhouse, P; Cangelosi, A, et al
19-Dec-2007Visual Feedback is not necessary for the Learning of Novel DynamicsFranklin, DW; So, U; Burdet, E; Kawato, M
26-May-2012Can Lighthill's Elongated Body Theory Predict Hydrodynamic Forces in Underwater Undulatory Swimming?Webb, AP; Phillips, CWG; Hudson, DA; Turnock, SR
19-Jun-2014Comparison of Kinematic Acquisition Methods for Musculoskeletal Analysis of Underwater FlykickPhillips, CWG; Forrester, AIJ; Hudson, DA; Turnock, SR
11-Jun-2010Optimisation of a bicycle chainring to aid in rehabilitation of athletes suffering from patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS)Phillips, CWG; Forrester, AIJ; Purdue, AI; Stokes, MJ