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26-Sep-2013The Neuroanatomical Correlates of Training-Related Perceptuo-Reflex Uncoupling in DancersNigmatullina, Y; Hellyer, PJ; Nachev, P; Sharp, DJ; Seemungal, BM
8-May-2015Development of the Corticospinal and Callosal Tracts from Extremely Premature Birth up to 2 Years of AgeBraga, RM; Roze, E; Ball, G; Merchant, N; Tusor, N, et al
2-Mar-2016How Variability and Effort Determine Coordination at Large ForcesKolossiatis, M; Charalambous, T; Burdet, E
1-Oct-2014Bidirectional cross-regulation between the endothelial nitric oxide synthase and β-catenin signalling pathways.Warboys, CM; Chen, N; Zhang, Q; Shaifta, Y; Vanderslott, G, et al
11-Apr-2016Modular control of treadmill vs overground runningOliveira, AS; Gizzi, L; Ketabi, S; Farina, D; Kersting, UG
11-May-2013Design and test of a MEMS strain-sensing device for monitoring artificial knee implantsHasenkamp, W; Thevenaz, N; Villard, J; Bertsch, A; Arami, A, et al
12-Aug-2015Optimizing Stimulation and Analysis Protocols for Neonatal fMRICusack, R; Wild, C; Linke, AC; Arichi, T; Lee, DSC, et al
31-Jan-2016Center for the Intrepid: Providing Patients POWER.Amorelli, CR; Baumann, ML; Yancosek, KE; Keizer, BM; Stinner, DJ, et al
31-Aug-2014Enclosed electronic system for force measurements in knee implants.Forchelet, D; Simoncini, M; Arami, A; Bertsch, A; Meurville, E, et al
13-Feb-2014Poly(ethylene glycol)-containing hydrogels promote the release of primary granules from human blood-derived polymorphonuclear leukocytesCohen, HC; Lieberthal, TJ; Kao, WJ