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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
-GLIMPSE: Google Glass interface for sensory feedback in myoelectric hand prosthesesMarkovic, M; Karnal, H; Graimann, B; Dosen, S; Farina, D
21-Apr-2017A real-time method for decoding the neural drive to muscles using single-channel intra-muscular EMG recordingsKarimimehr, S; Marateb, H; Muceli, S; Mansourian, M; Mannas, M, et al
28-Feb-2017Tracking motor units longitudinally across experimental sessions with high-density surface electromyography.Martinez-Valdes, E; Negro, F; Laine, CM; Falla, D; Mayer, F, et al
14-Feb-2017Translating research on myoelectric control into clinics – are the performance assessment methods adequate?Vujaklija, I; Roche, AD; Hasenoehrl, T; Sturma, A; Amsuess, S, et al
10-Oct-2016Elective amputation and bionic substitution restore functional hand use after critical soft tissue injuriesAszmann, OC; Vujaklija, I; Roche, AD; Salminger, S; Herceg, M, et al
4-Aug-2016Proportional estimation of finger movements from high-density surface electromyographyCeladon, N; Došen, S; Binder, I; Ariano, P; Farina, D
11-Apr-2016Modular control of treadmill vs overground runningOliveira, AS; Gizzi, L; Ketabi, S; Farina, D; Kersting, UG
20-Oct-2016Characterization of in-body to on-body wireless radio frequency link for upper limb prostheses.Stango, A; Yazdandoost, KY; Negro, F; Farina, D
22-Feb-2016Motor unit characteristics after targeted muscle reinnervationKapelner, T; Jiang, N; Holobar, A; Vujaklija, I; Roche, AD, et al
31-Mar-2016A novel percutaneous electrode implant for improving robustness in advanced myoelectric controlHahne, JM; Farina, D; Jiang, N; Liebetanz, D