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5-Oct-2016Democratizing Neurorehabilitation: How Accessible are Low-Cost Mobile-Gaming Technologies for Self-Rehabilitation of Arm Disability in Stroke?Rinne, P; Mace, M; Nakornchai, T; Zimmerman, K; Fayer, S, et al
2-Mar-2016How Variability and Effort Determine Coordination at Large ForcesKolossiatis, M; Charalambous, T; Burdet, E
9-Dec-2015On the analysis of movement smoothnessBalasubramanian, S; Melendez-Calderon, A; Roby-Brami, A; Burdet, E
9-Dec-2015On the analysis of movement smoothness.Balasubramanian, S; Melendez-Calderon, A; Roby-Brami, A; Burdet, E
1-Jun-2015Novel Hybrid Adaptive Controller for Manipulation in Complex Perturbation EnvironmentsSmith, AMC; Yang, C; Ma, H; Culverhouse, P; Cangelosi, A, et al
19-Dec-2007Visual Feedback is not necessary for the Learning of Novel DynamicsFranklin, DW; So, U; Burdet, E; Kawato, M
1-Jan-2015Development and evaluation of a portable MR compatible haptic interface for human motor controlFarkhatdinov, I; Garnier, A; Burdet, E
21-Oct-2015Maturation of Sensori-Motor Functional Responses in the Preterm Brain.Allievi, AG; Arichi, T; Tusor, N; Kimpton, J; Arulkumaran, S, et al
1-Feb-2016A Simple fMRI Compatible Robotic Stimulator to Study the Neural Mechanisms of Touch and Pain.Riillo, F; Bagnato, C; Allievi, AG; Takagi, A; Fabrizi, L, et al
25-Feb-2016In a demanding task, three-handed manipulation is preferred to two-handed manipulation.Abdi, E; Burdet, E; Bouri, M; Himidan, S; Bleuler, H