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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2016Whole body vibration treatments in postmenopausal women can improve bone mineral density: results of a stimulus focussed meta-analysis.Fratini, A; Bonci, T; Bull, AM
1-Feb-2015Rigid and Elastic taping changes scapular kinematics and pain in subjects with shoulder impingement syndrome; an experimental study.Shaheen, AF; Bull, AM; Alexander, CM
1-Dec-2000Measuring spinal motion in rowers: the use of an electromagnetic device.Bull, AM; McGregor, AH
1-Jun-2015The development of a segment-based musculoskeletal model of the lower limb: introducing FreeBody.Cleather, DJ; Bull, AM
19-Jul-2008A scapular coordinate frame for clinical and kinematic analyses.Amadi, HO; Hansen, UN; Wallace, AL; Bull, AM
Jun-1999Incidence and mechanism of the pivot shift. An in vitro study.Bull, AM; Andersen, HN; Basso, O; Targett, J; Amis, AA
29-Apr-2011Effects of attachment position and shoulder orientation during calibration on the accuracy of the acromial tracker.Shaheen, AF; Alexander, CM; Bull, AM
3-Sep-2015Scapula kinematics of pull-up techniques: avoiding impingement risk with training changesPrinold, JA; Bull, AM
21-Oct-2015Orthotic Heel Wedges Do Not Alter Hindfoot Kinematics and Achilles Tendon Force During Level and Inclined Walking in Healthy Individuals.Weinert-Aplin, RA; Bull, AM; McGregor, AH
14-Jun-2016CD43Lo classical monocytes participate in the cellular immune response to isolated primary blast lung injuryBarnett-Vanes, A; Sharrock, A; Eftaxiopoulou, T; Arora, H; Macdonald, W, et al