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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Nov-2016Strain rate dependency of fractures of immature boneCheong, VS; Karunaratne, A; Amis, AA; Bull, AMJ
30-Nov-2015Power Loss Mechanisms in Pathological TracheasBates, A; Comerford, A; Cetto, R; Schroter, R; Tolley, N, et al
31-Jan-2017Biomechanics of the human intervertebral disc: a review of testing techniques and resultsNewell, N; Little, JP; Chirstou, A; Adams, MA; Adam, CJ, et al
12-Jul-2016Control of a wrist joint motion simulator: a phantom studyShah, D; Kedgley, AE
-GLIMPSE: Google Glass interface for sensory feedback in myoelectric hand prosthesesMarkovic, M; Karnal, H; Graimann, B; Dosen, S; Farina, D
9-Dec-2015On the analysis of movement smoothnessBalasubramanian, S; Melendez-Calderon, A; Roby-Brami, A; Burdet, E
28-Jul-2014A new method to measure higher visual functions in an immersive environmentZito, GA; Müri, R; Mosimann, UP; Nyffeler, T; Nef, T
14-Dec-2015Soft tissue phantoms for realistic needle insertion: a comparative studyLeibinger, A; Forte, AE; Tan, Z; Oldfield, MJ; Beyrau, F, et al
3-Nov-2015Modeling the biomechanics of fetal movementsVerbruggen, SW; Loo, JHW; Hayat, TTA; Hajnal, JV; Rutherfor, MA, et al
12-Oct-2016Characterising the effects of in vitro mechanical stimulation on morphogenesis of developing limb explantsChandaria, VV; McGinty, J; Nowlan, NC