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30-Jan-2012Vestibular Activation Differentially Modulates Excitability and Response Entropy in Human V5/MT and Early Visual Cortex.Seemungal, BM; Guzman-Lopez, J; Arshad, Q; Schultz, SR; Walsh, V, et al
8-Jul-2013Controlling the neuronal balancing act: optical coactivation of excitation and inhibition in neuronal subdomainsNikolic, K; Jarvis, S; Schultz, S; Grossman, N
-GLIMPSE: Google Glass interface for sensory feedback in myoelectric hand prosthesesMarkovic, M; Karnal, H; Graimann, B; Dosen, S; Farina, D
31-Aug-2016Eye Gaze Behavior at Turn Transition: How Aphasic Patients Process Speakers' Turns during Video ObservationPreisig, BC; Eggenberger, N; Zito, G; Vanbellingen, T; Schumacher, R, et al
9-Dec-2015On the analysis of movement smoothnessBalasubramanian, S; Melendez-Calderon, A; Roby-Brami, A; Burdet, E
9-Dec-2015On the analysis of movement smoothness.Balasubramanian, S; Melendez-Calderon, A; Roby-Brami, A; Burdet, E
4-Aug-2016Proportional estimation of finger movements from high-density surface electromyographyCeladon, N; DoŇ°en, S; Binder, I; Ariano, P; Farina, D
31-Mar-2016A novel percutaneous electrode implant for improving robustness in advanced myoelectric controlHahne, JM; Farina, D; Jiang, N; Liebetanz, D
1-Dec-2015Thalamic inflammation after brain trauma is associated with thalamo-cortical white matter damageScott, G; Hellyer, PJ; Ramlackhansingh, AF; Brooks, DJ; Matthews, PM, et al
4-Oct-2016Influence of Biphasic Stimulation on Olfactory Ensheathing Cells for Neuroprosthetic DevicesHassarati, RT; Foster, LJR; Green, RA