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7-May-2016Role of endothelial permeability hotspots and endothelial mitosis in determining age-related patterns of macromolecule uptake by the rabbit aortic wall near branch pointsChooi, KY; Comerford, A; Cremers, SJ; Weinberg, PD
12-Aug-2015Flow velocity mapping using high frame-rate plane wave ultrasound and microbubble contrast agents – methods and initial in vitro and in vivo evaluationLeow, C; Tang, M
-GLIMPSE: Google Glass interface for sensory feedback in myoelectric hand prosthesesMarkovic, M; Karnal, H; Graimann, B; Dosen, S; Farina, D
29-Dec-2015Street crossing behavior in younger and older pedestrians: an eye- and head-tracking studyZito, GA; Cazzoli, D; Scheffler, L; Jäger, M; Müri, RM, et al
10-Nov-2016Zebrafish model for functional screening of flow-responsive genesSerbanovic-Canic, J; De Luca, A; Warboys, C; Ferreira, PF; Luong, LA, et al
29-Sep-2016Changing faces: Can a new identity stop balding?Topouzi, H; Higgins, C
7-Jul-2016New developments in prosthetic arm systemsVujaklija, I; Farina, D; Aszmann, OC
25-Sep-2015Quantifying local characteristics of velocity, aggregation and hematocrit of human erythrocytes in a microchannel flowKaliviotis, E; Dusting, J; Sherwood, JM; Balabani, S
14-Nov-2015Water resistance profile as a marker of skin barrier damage in atopic dermatitis patientsVan Logtestijn, M; Caspers, PJ; Kezic, S; Hoffman, DR; Koenig, DW, et al
1-Aug-2014Requirement of JNK1 for endothelial cell injury in atherogenesisAmini, N; Boyle, JJ; Moers, B; Warboys, CM; Malik, TH, et al