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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Oct-2016Evaluation of a minimally invasive glucose biosensor for continuous tissue monitoringSharma, S; Huang, Z; Rogers, M; Boutelle, M; Cass, AEG
14-Dec-2015Soft tissue phantoms for realistic needle insertion: a comparative studyLeibinger, A; Forte, AE; Tan, Z; Oldfield, MJ; Beyrau, F, et al
23-Dec-2015Self-Assembled Wound Dressings Silence MMP-9 and Improve Diabetic Wound Healing In VivoCastleberry, SA; Almquist, BD; Li, W; Reis, T; Chow, J, et al
16-Apr-2015The microenvironment of double emulsions in rectangular microchannelsMa, S; Sherwood, JM; Huck, WTS; Balabani, S
22-Jul-2014On the flow topology inside droplets moving in rectangular microchannelsMa, S; Sherwood, JM; Huck, WTS; Balabani, S
10-Dec-2015Communicating and using biomechanical measures through visual cues to optimise safe and effective rowingMcGregor, AH; Buckeridge, E; Murphy, AJ; Bull, AMJ
27-Oct-2016Disturbed cyclical stretch of endothelial cells promotes nuclear expression of the pro-atherogenic transcription factor NF-kappa BPedrigi, RM; Papadimitriou, KI; Kondiboyina, A; Sidhu, S; Chau, J, et al
22-Aug-2016Human-like compliant locomotion: state of the art of robotic implementationsTorricelli, D; Gonzalez, J; Weckx, M; Jiménez-Fabián, R; Vanderborght, B, et al
1-Feb-2016A Simple fMRI Compatible Robotic Stimulator to Study the Neural Mechanisms of Touch and Pain.Riillo, F; Bagnato, C; Allievi, AG; Takagi, A; Fabrizi, L, et al
2-Jul-2015Langevin formulation of a subdiffusive continuous-time random walk in physical timeCairoli, A; Baule, A