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1-Jan-2015Colocalization of outflow segmentation and pores along the inner wall of Schlemm's canal.Braakman, ST; Read, AT; Chan, DW; Ethier, CR; Overby, DR
1-Dec-2014Shear Stress-Triggered Nitric Oxide Release from Schlemm's Canal Cells.Ashpole, N; Overby, DR; Ethier, CR; Stamer, WD
13-Apr-2016Visualization of conventional outflow tissue responses to netarsudil in living mouse eyesLi, G; Mukherjee, D; Navarro, I; Ashpole, NE; Sherwood, JM, et al
2-Feb-2016Unconventional aqueous humor outflow: A reviewJohnson, M; McLaren, JW; Overby, DR
1-Nov-2017Effect of Cromakalim Prodrug 1 (CKLP1) on Aqueous Humor Dynamics and Feasibility of Combination Therapy With Existing Ocular Hypotensive Agents.Roy Chowdhury, U; Rinkoski, TA; Bahler, CK; Millar, JC; Bertrand, JA, et al
13-Dec-2017Microstructural consequences of blast lung injury characterised with digital volume correlationArora, H; Nila, A; Vitharana, K; Sherwood, JM; Nguyen, T-TN, et al
1-Sep-2016Sustained local delivery of dexamethasone using nanoparticles for steroid-induced ocular hypertension in miceBertrand, JA; Sherwood, LM; Li, G; Stainer, WD; Overby, DR
-Brillouin microscopy, what is it really measuring?Wu, P-J; Kabakova, I; Ruberti, J; Sherwood, JM; Dunlop, IE, et al
3-Jun-2015Role of nitric oxide in murine conventional outflow physiologyChang, JYH; Stamer, WD; Bertrand, J; Read, AT; Marando, CM, et al
4-Jun-2015Animal models of glucocorticoid-induced glaucomaOverby, DR; Clark, AF