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1-Mar-20193-D flow reconstruction using divergence-free interpolation of multiple 2-D contrast-enhanced ultrasound particle imaging velocimetry measurementsZhou, X; Papadopoulou, V; Leow, CH; Vincent, P; Tang, M-X, et al
31-Jul-20173-D In Vitro Acoustic Super-Resolution and Super-Resolved Velocity Mapping Using MicrobubblesChristensen-Jeffries, K; Brown, J; Aljabar, P; Tang, M; Dunsby, CW, et al
20-Dec-20183-D motion correction for volumetric super-resolution ultrasound (SR-US) imagingHarput, S; Christensen-Jeffries, K; Brown, J; Zhu, J; Zhang, G, et al
20-Dec-20183-D super-resolution ultrasound (SR-US) imaging using a 2-D sparse array with high volumetric imaging rateHarput, S; Christensen-Jeffries, K; Brown, J; Zhu, J; Zhang, G, et al
5-Feb-20193-D Super-Resolution Ultrasound (SR-US) Imaging with a 2-D Sparse ArrayHarput, S; Christensen-Jeffries, K; Ramalli, A; Brown, J; Zhu, J, et al
5-Dec-20213-Dimensional printing in rehabilitation: feasibility of printing an upper extremity gross motor function assessment toolKapadia, N; Myers, M; Musselman, K; Wang, RH; Yurkewich, A, et al
Oct-20203D confocal microscope imaging of macromolecule uptake in the intact brachiocephalic arteryWeinberg, P; Dazzi, M; Rowland, E; Mohri, Z;
10-Nov-20093D flow reconstruction using ultrasound PIVPoelma, C; Mari, JM; Foin, N; Tang, MX; Krams, R, et al
20-Jun-20163D gaze cursor: continuous calibration and end-point grasp control of robotic actuatorsMarcos Tostado, P; Abbott, WW; Faisal, AA
2-Jun-20203D localization for light-field microscopy via convolutional sparse coding on epipolar imagesSong, P; Verinaz Jadan, H; Howe, C; Quicke, P; Foust, A, et al
1-May-20193D microvascular imaging using high frame rate ultrasound and ASAP without contrast agents: development and initial in vivo evaluation on non-tumour and tumour modelsLeow, CH; Bush, N; Stanziola, A; Braga, M; Shah, A, et al
11-Apr-20123D Morphometric and Posture Study of Felid Scapulae Using Statistical Shape ModellingZhang, KY; Wiktorowicz-Conroy, A; Hutchinson, JR; Doube, M; Klosowski, M, et al
7-Jun-20193D printed microfluidic device for online detection of dynamic metabolite concentration changes with high temporal resolution in human brain microdialysateSamper, I; Gowers, S; Rogers, M; Murray, D-S; Jewell, S, et al
10-Apr-20183D printing of thermo-responsive methylcellulose hydrogels for cell-sheet engineeringCochis, A; Bonetti, L; Sorrentino, R; Negrini, NC; Grassi, F, et al
1-Jun-20193D super-resolution ultrasound imaging of rabbit lymph node vasculature in vivo using microbubblesZhu, J; Rowland, E; Harput, S; Riemer, K; Leow, CH, et al
1-Dec-20183D velocity and volume flow measurement in vivo using speckle decorrelation and 2D high frame rate contrast-enhanced ultrasoundZhou, X; Leow, CH; Rowland, E; Riemer, K; Rubin, J, et al
15-Oct-2016A 24 hour study on the stability of dopamine and dobutamine under laboratory simulated neonatal ward conditionsKirupakaran, K; Mahoney, L; Patel, B; Rabe, H
6-Feb-2017A 3D human-machine integrated design and analysis framework for squat exercises with a Smith machineLee, H; Jung, M; Lee, K-K; Lee, SH
10-Sep-2014A 3D porous media liver lobule model: the importance of vascular septa and anisotropic permeability for homogeneous perfusionDebbaut, C; Vierendeels, J; Siggers, JH; Repetto, R; Monbaliu, D, et al
4-Aug-2015A 3D printed microfluidic device with integrated biosensors for online analysis of subcutaneous human microdialysateGowers, SAN; Curto, VF; Seneci, CA; Wang, C; Anastasova, S, et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 1698