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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Oct-2016Can Pb-free halide double perovskites support high-efficiency solar cells?Savory, CN; Walsh, A; Scanlon, DO
6-Apr-2016Corrigendum to 'Which wets TiB2 inoculant particles: Al or Al3Ti?' [J. Alloys Compd. 664 (2016) 460-468]Wearing, D; Horsfield, AP; Xu, W; Lee, PD
18-Jun-2015ZnO nanorod arrays as electron injection layers for efficient organic light emitting diodesFaria, JCD; Campbell, AJ; McLachlan, MA
14-Jul-2015On the mechanistic basis of fatigue crack nucleation in Ni superalloy containing inclusions using high resolution electron backscatter diffractionJiang, J; Yang, J; Zhang, T; Dunne, FPE; Britton, TB
13-Aug-2015A study of the pressure profiles near the first pumping aperture in a high pressure photoelectron spectrometerKahk, JM; Villar-Garcia, IJ; Grechy, L; Bruce, PJK; Vincent, PE, et al
14-Jan-20163D Printing of Biocompatible Supramolecular Polymers and their CompositesHart, LR; Li, S; Sturgess, C; Wildman, R; Jones, JR, et al
10-Apr-2017First-principles multiscale modelling of charged adsorbates on doped grapheneCorsetti, F; Mostofi, AA; Lischner, JL
27-Jun-2014Crystal Structure of the ZrO Phase at Zirconium/Zirconium Oxide InterfacesNicholls, RJ; Ni, N; Lozano-Perez, S; London, A; McComb, DW, et al
17-May-2016In-situ digital image correlation for fracture analysis of oxides formed on zirconium alloysPlatt, P; Lunt, D; Polatidis, E; Wenman, MR; Preuss, M
16-Mar-2017Influence of Rb/Cs cation-exchange on inorganic Sn halide perovskites: From chemical structure to physical propertiesJung, YK; Lee, JH; Walsh, A; Soon, A