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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Jul-2016Simulations of threshold displacement in berylliumJackson, ML; Fossati, PCM; Grimes, RW
18-Aug-2016Pipe and grain boundary diffusion of He in UO₂Galvin, COT; Cooper, MWD; Fossati, PCM; Stanek, CR; Grimes, RW, et al
1-Apr-2016Resolving the structure of TiBe12Jackson, ML; Burr, PA; Grimes, RW
8-Sep-2015Xe diffusion and bubble nucleation around edge dislocations in UO2Murphy, ST; Fossati, PCM; Grimes, RW
1-Apr-2013Hydrogen accommodation in Zr second phase particles: Implications for H pick-up and hydriding of Zircaloy-2 and Zircaloy-4Burr, PA; Murphy, ST; Lumley, SC; Wenman, MR; Grimes, RW
15-Oct-2014The thermodynamics of hydride precipitation: The importance of entropy, enthalpy and disorderLumley, SC; Grimes, RW; Murphy, ST; Burr, PA; Chroneos, A, et al
28-Apr-2017The effect of Nb on the corrosion and hydrogen pick-up of Zr alloysBell, BDC; Murphy, ST; Grimes, RW; Wenman, MR
1-Dec-2015Modeling oxygen self-diffusion in UO2 under pressureCooper, MWD; Grimes, RW; Fitzpatrick, ME; Chroneos, A
22-Mar-2018High temperature measurements and condensed matter analysis of the thermo-physical properties of ThO2Pavlov, TR; Wangle, T; Wenman, MR; Tyrpekl, V; Vlahovic, L, et al
27-Jun-2016Melting behavior of (Th,U)O2 and (Th,Pu)O2 mixed oxidesGhosh, PS; Kuganathan, N; Galvin, COT; Arya, A; Dey, GK, et al