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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Apr-2015Environmentally assisted fatigue crack nucleation in Ti-6Al-2Sn-4Zr-6MoChapman, TP; Chater, RJ; Saunders, EA; Walker, AM; Lindley, TC, et al
8-Aug-2015Characterisation of short fatigue cracks in titanium alloy IMI 834 using X-ray microtomographyChapman, TP; Kareh, KM; Knop, M; Connolley, T; Lee, PD, et al
19-Oct-2015The Dislocation Mechanism of Stress Corrosion Embrittlement in Ti-6Al-2Sn-4Zr-6MoChapman, TP; Vorontsov, VA; Sankaran, A; Dugg, D; Lindley, TC, et al
1-Feb-2009On the mechanism of superelasticity in Gum metalTalling, RJ; Dashwood, RJ; Jackson, M; Dye, D
6-Nov-2015Influence of complex LCF and dwell load regimes on fatigue of Ti–6Al–4VTympel, PO; Lindley, TC; Saunders, EA; Dixon, M; Dye, D
21-Sep-2015Ordering and the micromechanics of Ti-7AlRadecka, A; Coakley, J; Jones, IP; Rugg, D; Lindley, TC, et al
1-Jul-2009The effect of grain orientation on fracture morphology during high-cycle fatigue of Ti-6Al-4VBantounas, I; Dye, D; Lindley, TC
1-Aug-2009beta Phase decomposition in Ti-5Al-5Mo-5V-3CrJones, NG; Dashwood, RJ; Jackson, M; Dye, D
1-Jul-2010Shearing of gamma ' precipitates by a < 1 1 2 > dislocation ribbons in Ni-base superalloys: A phase field approachVorontsov, VA; Shen, C; Wang, Y; Dye, D; Rae, CMF
17-Mar-2016Using coupled micropillar compression and micro-Laue diffraction to investigate deformation mechanisms in a complex metallic alloy Al13Co4Bhowmik, A; Dolbnya, I; Britton, TB; Jones, NG; Sernicola, G, et al