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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Mar-2017Formation of very large ‘blocky alpha’ grains in Zircaloy-4Tong, VS; Britton, TB
16-Jun-2016Determination of Ti-6242 α and β slip properties using micro-pillar test and computational crystal plasticityZhang, Z; Jun, T; Britton, TB; Dunne, F
14-Jul-2015On the mechanistic basis of fatigue crack nucleation in Ni superalloy containing inclusions using high resolution electron backscatter diffractionJiang, J; Yang, J; Zhang, T; Dunne, FPE; Britton, TB
12-Feb-2016Local strain rate sensitivity of single α phase within a dual-phase Ti alloyJun, T; Zhang, Z; Sernicola, G; Dunne, F; Britton, TB
14-Aug-2015Mechanical and microstructural investigations of tungsten and doped tungsten materials produced via powder injection moldingAntusch, S; Armstrong, DEJ; Britton, TB; Commin, L; Gibson, JSKL, et al
5-Oct-2016Crystal Plasticity Modelling and HR-DIC Measurement of Slip Activation and Strain Localisation in Single and Oligo-crystal Ni Alloys under FatigueDunne, FPE; Guan, Y; Britton, TB; Jiang, J; Chen, B, et al
25-Sep-2015Local deformation mechanisms of two-phase Ti alloyJun, T; Sernicola, G; Dunne, FPE; Britton, TB
1-Sep-2012Stress fields and geometrically necessary dislocation density distributions near the head of a blocked slip bandBritton, TB; Wilkinson, AJ
1-Jun-2015The orientation and strain dependence of dislocation structure evolution in monotonically deformed polycrystalline copperJiang, J; Britton, TB; Wilkinson, AJ
4-Jun-2014Slip band-grain boundary interactions in commercial-purity titaniumGuo, Y; Britton, TB; Wilkinson, AJ