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10-May-2015Active loading into extracellular vesicles significantly improves the cellular uptake and photodynamic effect of porphyrinsFuhrmann, G; Serio, A; Mazo, M; Nair, R; Stevens, MM
14-Jun-2016Oxidation behaviour of SiC/SiC ceramic matrix composite in airAl Nasiri, N; Patra, N; Ni, N; Jayaseelan, D; Lee, W
8-Jun-2016Lone-Pair Stabilization in Transparent Amorphous Tin Oxides: A Potential Route to p-Type Conduction PathwaysWahila, MJ; Butler, KT; Lebens-Higgins, ZW; Hendon, CH; Nandur, AS, et al
26-Feb-2016Measurement of mechanical properties using slender cantilever beamsVandeperre, LJ; Wang, X; Atkinson, A
16-Jul-2014Spontaneous magnetization above T-C in polycrystalline La0.7Ca0.3MnO3 and La0.7Ba0.3MnO3Turcaud, JA; Pereira, AM; Sandeman, KG; Amaral, JS; Morrison, K, et al
16-Dec-2015In Vivo Assessment of Bone Regeneration in Alginate/Bone ECM Hydrogels with Incorporated Skeletal Stem Cells and Single Growth FactorsGothard, D; Smith, EL; Kanczler, JM; Black, CR; Wells, JA, et al
5-May-2015Biosensing platform combining label-free and labelled analysis using Bloch surface wavesDanz, N; Sinibaldi, A; Munzert, P; Anopchenko, O; Förster, E, et al
31-Dec-2015Inhibition of TNF-α Reverses the Pathological Resorption Pit Profile of Osteoclasts from Patients with Acute Charcot OsteoarthropathyPetrova, NL; Petrov, PK; Edmonds, ME; Shanahan, CM
13-Feb-2015Signatures of Quantized Energy States in Solution-Processed Ultrathin Layers of Metal-Oxide Semiconductors and Their DevicesLabram, JG; Lin, Y-H; Zhao, K; Li, R; Thomas, SR, et al
31-Aug-2016Permeability and acoustic velocity controlling factors determined from x-ray tomography images of carbonate rocksArchilha, NL; Missagia, RM; Hollis, C; De Ceia, MAR; McDonald, SA, et al