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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Jun-2012Challenges for the policy representation when applying reinforcement learning in roboticsKormushev, P; Calinon, S; Ugurlu, B; Caldwell, DG
11-Oct-2012Compliant skills acquisition and multi-optima policy search with EM-based reinforcement learningCalinon, S; Kormushev, P; Caldwell, DG
7-Oct-2012The anatomy of a fall: Automated real-time analysis of raw force sensor data from bipedal walking robots and humansKormushev, P; Ugurlu, B; Colasanto, L; Tsagarakis, NG; Caldwell, DG
22-Mar-2012On Global Optimization of Walking Gaits for the Compliant Humanoid Robot COMAN Using Reinforcement LearningDallali, H; Kormushev, P; Li, Z; Caldwell, DG
6-Sep-2012Simultaneous discovery of multiple alternative optimal policies by reinforcement learningKormushev, P; Caldwell, DG
30-Jun-2012Direct policy search reinforcement learning based on particle filteringKormushev, P; Caldwell, DG
22-Mar-2012Towards Autonomous Robotic Valve TurningCarrera, A; Ahmadzadeh, SR; Ajoudani, A; Kormushev, P; Carreras, M, et al