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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2018ResQbot: a mobile rescue robot with immersive teleperception for casualty extractionSaputra, RP; Kormushev, P
1-Jan-2018SLIDER: a novel bipedal walking robot without kneesWang, K; Shah, A; Kormushev, P
-Collaborative design of a decision aid for stroke survivors with multimorbidity: a qualitative study in the UK engaging key stakeholdersPorat, T; Marshall, I; Sadler, E; Vadillo, MA; McKevitt, C, et al
2-Nov-2018Resolving the discrepancy in tortuosity factor estimation for Li-Ion battery electrodes through micro-macro modeling and experimentUsseglio-Viretta, FLE; Colclasure, A; Mistry, AN; Claver, KPY; Pouraghajan, F, et al
1-Jan-2019New directions in computational, combinational and structural creativityGarvey, B; Chen, L; Shi, F; Han, J; Childs, P
5-Sep-2018Development and evaluation of a methodology to integrate technical and sensorial properties in materials selection.Piselli, A; Baxter, W; Simonato, M; Del Curto, B; Aurisicchio, M
1-Mar-2019A mixed reality tool for end-users participation in early creative design tasksMaurya, S; Arai, K; Moriya, K; Arrighi, P-A; Mougenot, CJM
9-Jan-2016The PANDORA project: a success story in AUV autonomyMaurelli, F; Lane, D; Kormushev, P; Caldwell, D; Carreras, M, et al
30-Nov-2019Sim-to-real learning for casualty detection from ground projected point cloud dataSaputra, RP; Rakicevic, N; Kormushev, P
20-May-2019Gaze-based, Context-aware Robotic System for Assisted Reaching and GraspingShafti, SA; Orlov, P; Faisal, A