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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Jul-2005Design, development and implementation of a tool for construction of declarative functional descriptions of semantic web services based on WSMO methodologyKormushev, P
6-Sep-2007Intent expression using eye robot for mascot robot systemYamazaki, Y; Dong, F; Masuda, Y; Uehara, Y; Kormushev, P, et al
1-Jan-2019Sustainability-oriented capabilities for eco-innovation: meeting the regulatory, technology and market demandsDemirel, P; Kesidou, E
1-Apr-2017On the evaluation of novel sonification techniques for non visual shape explorationMascetti, S; Gerino, A; Bernareggi, C; Picinali, L
19-Sep-2012Persistent Autonomy: the Challenges of the PANDORA ProjectLane, DM; Maurelli, F; Kormushev, P; Carreras, M; Fox, M, et al
23-Sep-2013Comparative Evaluation of Reinforcement Learning with Scalar Rewards and Linear Regression with Multidimensional FeedbackKormushev, P; Caldwell, DG
1-Mar-2011Imitation Learning of Positional and Force Skills Demonstrated via Kinesthetic Teaching and Haptic InputKormushev, P; Calinon, S; Caldwell, DG
1-Dec-2011Time Hopping Technique for Faster Reinforcement Learning in SimulationsKormushev, P; Nomoto, K; Dong, F; Hirota, K
10-May-2016Experimental investigation of forming limit curves and deformation features in warm forming of an aluminium alloyShao, Z; Bai, Q; LI, N; Shi, Z; Lin, J, et al
12-Sep-2017Engineering design and innovation in a global contextTaylor, TP; Sondergaard, E; Minshall, T; Mortara, L; Ahmed-Kristensen, S, et al