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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Aug-2007Fuzzy inference based mentality estimation for eye robot agentYamazaki, Y; Dong, F; Masuda, Y; Uehara, Y; Kormushev, P, et al
3-Apr-2009Eligibility Propagation to Speed up Time Hopping for Reinforcement LearningKormushev, P; Nomoto, K; Dong, F; Hirota, K
14-Sep-2014Covariance Analysis as a Measure of Policy Robustness in Reinforcement LearningJamali, N; Kormushev, P; Ahmadzadeh, SR; Caldwell, DG
30-Sep-2013On-line learning to recover from thruster failures on autonomous underwater vehiclesLeonetti, M; Ahmadzadeh, SR; Kormushev, P
30-Sep-2013Contact state estimation using machine learningJamali, N; Kormushev, P; Caldwell, DG
30-Sep-2013Towards improved AUV control through learning of periodic signalsKormushev, P; Caldwell, DG
21-Dec-2010Whiteboard Cleaning Task Realization with HOAP-2Sato, F; Nishii, T; Takahashi, J; Yoshida, Y; Mitsuhashi, M, et al
31-Dec-2009Time Hopping Technique for Reinforcement Learning and its Application to Robot ControlKormushev, P
31-Dec-2013Towards dynamically consistent real-time gait pattern generation for full-size humanoid robotsKryczka, P; Shiguematsu, YM; Kormushev, P; Hashimoto, K; Lim, H-O, et al
10-Jun-2012Challenges for the policy representation when applying reinforcement learning in roboticsKormushev, P; Calinon, S; Ugurlu, B; Caldwell, DG