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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Aug-2016Ranking of Design Journals Based on Results of the UK Research Excellence Framework: Using REF as RefereeMansfield, NJ
26-Jul-2018Speed vs efficiency and storage type in portable energy systemsKiziroglou, M; Cowell, M; Kumaravel, BT; Boyle, D; Evans, JW, et al
24-Aug-2016Design Methodology for Magnetic Field-Based Soft Tri-Axis Tactile SensorsWang, H; De Boer, G; Kow, J; Alazmani, A; Ghajari, M, et al
4-Sep-2016The Current Landscape for Additive Manufacturing ResearchLi, J; Wu, BILLY; Myant, CONNOR; Imperial College London
31-Aug-2016Design for Behaviour Change as a Driver for Sustainable Innovation: Challenges and Opportunities for Implementation in the Private and Public SectorsNiedderer, K; Ludden, G; Clune, SJ; Lockton, D; Mackrill, J, et al
12-Oct-2016Using a bespoke situated digital kiosk to encourage user participation in healthcare environment designMackrill, JB; Mashall, P; Payne, SR; Dimitrokali, E; Cain, R
16-Aug-2013Sound source information to improve cardiothoracic patients' comfortMackrill, J; Cain, R; Jennings, P; England, M
30-Sep-2013Improving the hospital 'soundscape': a framework to measure individual perceptual response to hospital soundsMackrill, JB; Jennings, PA; Cain, R
1-Jan-2018Industry-led corporate start-up accelerator design: Lessons learned in a maritime port complexGarcia-Herrera, C; Perkmann, M; Childs, PRN
18-Jul-2016A Mixed Reality System for Kansei-Based Co-Design of Highly-Customized ProductsArrighi, P-A; Maurya, S; Arai, K; Moriya, K; Mougenot, C