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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Jun-2016Morphological computation of haptic perception of a controllable stiffness probeSornkarn, N; Dasgupta, P; Nanayakkara, T
18-Oct-2016Can a Soft Robotic Probe Use Stiffness Control Like a Human Finger to Improve Efficacy of Haptic Perception?Sornkarn, N; Nanayakkara, T
22-Aug-2017Control Space Reduction and Real-Time Accurate Modeling of Continuum Manipulators Using Ritz and Ritz–Galerkin MethodsSadati, SMH; Naghibi, SE; Walker, ID; Althoefer, K; Nanayakkara, T
15-Jun-2017A bio-Inspired electro-active velcro mechanism using shape memory alloy for wearable and stiffness controllable layersAfrisal, H; Sadati, SMH; Nanayakkara, T
18-May-2016Stable grip control on soft objects with time-varying stiffnessNanayakkara, T; Jiang, A; Del Rocío Armas Fernández, M; Liu, H; Althoefer, K, et al
11-Jun-2015Salient feature of haptic-ased guidance of people in low visibility environments using hard reins.Ranasinghe, A; Sornkarn, N; Dasgupta, P; Althoefer, K; Penders, J, et al
22-Jul-2015Identification of Haptic Based Guiding Using Hard Reins.Ranasinghe, A; Dasgupta, P; Althoefer, K; Nanayakkara, T
5-Apr-2016The Role of the Thumb: Study of Finger Motion in Grasping and Reachability Space in Human and Robotic HandsCotugno, G; Althoefer, K; Nanayakkara, T
9-Feb-2017A biologically inspired multimodal whisker follicleWegiriya, H; Sornkarn, N; Bedford, H; Nanayakkara, T
21-Jun-2016Kinematic analysis of the human thumb with foldable palmNanayakkara, V; Ataka, A; Venetsanos, D; Duran, O; Vitzilaios, N, et al