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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Jun-2013Experiencing the hospital ward soundscape: Towards a modelMackrill, J; Cain, R; Jennings, P
22-May-2016Extension of internationalisation models: drivers and processes for the globalisation of product development – a comparison of Danish and Chinese engineering firmsSøndergaard, E; Oehmen, J; Ahmed-Kristensen, S
15-Feb-2017Palpation force modulation strategies to identify hard regions in soft tissue organsNanayakkara, DPT; Konstantinova, J; Cotugno, G; Dasgupta, P; Althoefer, K
3-Jun-2016Morphological computation of haptic perception of a controllable stiffness probeSornkarn, N; Dasgupta, P; Nanayakkara, T
4-May-2017Contaminated interaction: another barrier to circular material flowsBaxter, W; Aurisicchio, M; Childs, PRN
22-Jul-2015Identification of Haptic Based Guiding Using Hard Reins.Ranasinghe, A; Dasgupta, P; Althoefer, K; Nanayakkara, T
14-Sep-2015Moving away from flat solar panels to PVtrees: exploring ideas and people's perceptionsDimitrokali, E; Mackrill, J; Jones, G; Ramachers, Y; Cain, R
4-Jan-2017A low-cost soft tactile sensing array using 3D hall sensorsWang, H; De Boer, G; Kow, J; Ghajari, M; Alazmani, A, et al
5-May-2017Shaping innovations in long-term care for stroke survivors with multimorbidity through stakeholder engagementSadler, E; Porat, T; Marshall, I; Hoang, U; Curcin, V, et al
15-Nov-2017An integrated method for net-shape manufacturing components combining 3D additive manufacturing and compressive forming processesJiang, J; Hooper, P; Li, N; Luan, Q; Hopper, C, et al