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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Sep-2015Kinematic-free position control of a 2-DOF planar robot armKormushev, P; Demiris, Y; Caldwell, DG
17-Mar-2016Task-space modular dynamics for dual-arms expressed through a relative JacobianJamisola, RS; Kormushev, P; Roberts, RG; Caldwell, DG
27-Feb-2013Development of a dynamic simulator for a compliant humanoid robot based on a symbolic multibody approachDallali, H; Mosadeghzad, M; Medrano-Cerda, GA; Docquier, N; Kormushev, P, et al
14-Sep-2014Covariance Analysis as a Measure of Policy Robustness in Reinforcement LearningJamali, N; Kormushev, P; Ahmadzadeh, SR; Caldwell, DG
31-Jul-2005Design, development and implementation of a tool for construction of declarative functional descriptions of semantic web services based on WSMO methodologyKormushev, P
29-Aug-2007Fuzzy inference based mentality estimation for eye robot agentYamazaki, Y; Dong, F; Masuda, Y; Uehara, Y; Kormushev, P, et al
31-May-2015Encoderless position control of a two-link robot manipulatorKormushev, P; Demiris, Y; Caldwell, DG
30-Jun-2012Direct policy search reinforcement learning based on particle filteringKormushev, P; Caldwell, DG
3-Apr-2009Eligibility Propagation to Speed up Time Hopping for Reinforcement LearningKormushev, P; Nomoto, K; Dong, F; Hirota, K
23-Mar-2015Global Estimation of an Object’s Pose Using Tactile SensingBimbo, J; Kormushev, P; Althoefer, K; Liu, H