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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-May-2017Contaminated interaction: another barrier to circular material flowsBaxter, W; Aurisicchio, M; Childs, PRN
21-Aug-2017Positive and negative contamination in user interactionsBaxter, W; Aurisicchio, M; Mugge, R; Childs, PRN
12-Jun-2016Tear here: the impact of object transformations on proper disposalBaxter, W; Aurisicchio, M; Childs, PRN
14-Aug-2018Innovation toolkit for identification of the optimal module options in open platform architecture productsSikhwal, RK; Childs, PRN
1-Jun-2018Online impedance regulation techniques for compliant humanoid balancingSpyrakos-Papastavridis, E; Kashiri, N; Childs, PRN; Tsagarakis, NG
19-Sep-2017A case-based decision theory based process model to aid product conceptual designHu, Z; Rao, C; Tao, C; Childs, PRN; Zhao, Y
27-Sep-2017Three driven approaches to combinational creativity: Problem-, similarity- and inspiration-drivenHan, J; Park, D; Shi, F; Chen, L; Hua, M, et al
13-Feb-2017The effect of gravity on R410A condensing flow in horizontal circular tubesChilds, PRN; Li, W; Zhang, J; Mi, P; Zhao, J, et al
12-Feb-2018Product Design for Mass Individualisation for Industrial ApplicationSikhwal, RK; Childs, PRN
1-Nov-2018A computational tool for creative idea generation based on analogical reasoning and ontologyHan, J; Shi, F; Chen, L; Childs, PRN